As a Classical Guitar Player

Raised in a family that valued music as a way of personal expression and cultural heritage, the guitar was a constant presence in Paulo’s life. Discovering and mastering the essence of this beautiful instrument is what brought him to classical music.

He studied with Augusto Pacheco at Academia de Música de Vilar do Paraíso (AMVP) until 2006 when he was accepted at Aveiro University. Throughout his development he also had the opportunity to work with Paulo Vaz de Carvalho, Pedro Rodrigues, José Pina and Maestro Alberto Ponce.

Paulo has recorded two albums as a member of the AMVP Guitar Orchestra: Contrastes (2003) and Plaisir (2005)
He has also appeared with AMVP Guitar Orchestra at prestigious venues in Portugal
Saint Petersburg – Russia – 2004,
Paris – France – 2005
Frankfurt – Germany – 2006 (awarded with the first prize at the Gofi Contest)

In the United States of America Paulo started to incorporate excerpts of his guitar repertoire in his singing concerts resulting in an unique combination of live performances.

For the past decade Paulo taught classical guitar at several portuguese institutions and in 2009 he joined AMVP faculty where he specialized his guitar methods with young children.