As a Singer

Described as a singer with great musical intelligence and sensitivity adorned with a refined timbre, the Portuguese lyric tenor is committed to the highest expression of his art. The tenderness in his voice enhance the authentic delivery portrayed by his characters.

After completing his studies in Music and Vocal Performance in Portugal, Paulo moved to Boston where he developed a relationship with the VOICExperience Foundation and the Savannah Voice Festival led by Opera legend Sherrill Milnes and his wife, Soprano Maria Zouves. In 2015 he was appointed as Outreach&Education Coordinator for these institutions.

While in the United States, he has performed in opera productions, concerts and private performances in Savannah, Georgia, New York City, Tampa Bay, Florida, Boston, Massachusetts and Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Paulo began his musical education as a classical guitar player and in 2006 he attended Aveiro University in Portugal.

While recovering from a wrist injury preventing him from playing guitar, Paulo took his first singing class with Portuguese soprano Isabel Alcobia. What originally came about because of an unfortunate injury, led to the revelation of a life changing passion and aptitude for singing. He graduated with a degree in Music and Vocal Performance in 2012 and has continued to develop his voice and presence by studying with great talents in Europe and the United States.

In Portugal, Paulo has sung in operas with Filarmonia das Beiras Orchestra under the direction of Maestro Vassalo Lourenço; at the Portuguese National Theater São Carlos under the direction of Maestro and pianist João Paulo Santos; in concert with Soprano Isabel Alcobia and the pianist Francsico Sassetti; and he has sung regularly at religious and private events.

Additionally, he has had the good fortune to work with the great talents of Sherrill Milnes, Hakan Hagegard, Gerald M. Moore, Susan Waters, Jorge Parodi, Fabrizio Melano and Christopher Cano.